At EartheSmart Water, we can provide your home with clean, pure, and healthy water. Our water filtrations systems will supply alkaline water to every faucet in your home. The water treatment systems that we offer are different than others. They don’t use salt or potassium to purify the water, they don’t require maintenance, and our experts can install them easily! Our water treatment products offer a variety of benefits that you and your family will love. Having clean water supplied to your home is something most of us expect, but when you add one of our products to your home, you can enjoy water that is cleaner than expected and free of any chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, and VOC’s. Some of the main benefits of our products include:

  • No salt or potassium
  • No maintenance
  • No filters to change
  • Bottle quality alkaline water from every tap in your home
  • Reduces scale build-up in appliances and pipes
  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals, and VOC’s
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Cooked foods taste better
  • Keeps beneficial minerals in water
  • Uses less water than salt systems
  • Higher grade carbon used

The benefits that our water treatment products are great and this is only a quick overview. To understand the benefits and learn more about our products, be sure to check out our blog regularly! We will talk about how our products can benefit you and improve your water’s quality. Contact us today to learn more and start shopping!