The Difference is Remarkable

“When we moved from the Colorado mountains to Austin, TX, we went from having some of the best water in the world to water that not only tasted bad, but also left grungy residue in our bathrooms and pipes. Initially, we signed up for a water delivery which gave us better drinking water but did not help with the rest of our water issues. It was also an administrative hassle and we soon grew tired of lugging the heavy bottles around. We were more than ready to explore alternatives, but did not want to trade our water cooler for the expense and maintenance involved with the commonly used salt-based equipment.

When Don approached us, we liked what he told us about this maintenance-free system and have been very happy with it. He tested it for us before and after the install, and the difference is remarkable. No more chlorine taste, a noticeable difference on our skin when taking showers and the wonderful convenience of being able to simply turn on a faucet and have healthful water! Not until we had our previous water cooler did we realize how much water we used that was NOT purified – cooking, laundry, ice cubes, showering, brushing our teeth, etc. Another big plus is that the build-up in our water pipes which has been accumulating for 11 years is now gradually being dissolved. Add to that the convenience of having a single piece of equipment instead of the multiple pieces required by some other systems, 15 years of no maintenance, and a highly competitive price, and our decision was an easy one. We can wholeheartedly recommend this equipment for anybody wishing to improve the quality of their water.”

Ilka M, EarthSmarte Water of Central Texas Customer