Could not be happier!

“We just had the PhSmarte 1000 system installed by EarthSmarte Water. Could not be happier! The water tastes sooo good, and no more slimy feel that we experienced, with our saltwater softener, when taking a shower. We’ve even noticed that our clothes and towels are coming out of the laundry much softer.We also feel good that we are no longer dumping saltwater back into the environment, and won’t have to spend so much money on the water used in recycling the softener or salt to replenish it. And, no filters to change often as with R/O systems.

The owner, Terry Denton, responded right away and did a fabulous job of explaining the entire process to us. We even bombarded him with text questions over the weekend, not expecting an answer until the next week, but he answered every question immediately.

We have Johnson Utility water, here in SE Phoenix, and it has always tasted bad. After installation of the new system, the water tastes even better than bottled water from every tap in the house.

The installer was very professional, on time, and explained everything he was doing. And, when he finished, it was as if nothing had been done. He was meticulous about the “clean up”.

Would definitely recommend the system to anyone looking to get rid of salty water or the “dead water” offered by R/O systems. We’re getting the minerals we need with none of the issues of hard water.”

Gary C, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer