The PhSmarte 1000 Jr. removes chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, and VOC’s. It is available in Single-Stage and Multi-Stage systems. Both systems include our PhSmarte 1000 Electronic Descaling Technology. Enjoy alkaline spring quality water in every faucet while protecting your home from hard water scale damage.

The Single-Stage and the Multi-Stage filtration systems both require annual filter changes, unlike the PhSmarte 1000, which does not require a filter change.

Single Stage System

  • KDF/Catalytic Carbon Water Filter
  • Removes Chlorine and Chemicals
  • Removes VOCs and Heavy Metals
  • Easy Quick Change Filters
  • Change Filters Annually
  • 1 Inch Porting for Good Flow Rates
  • Pressure Gauge to Monitor Flow
  • Alkaline Natural Spring Water in Every Faucet

PhSmarte 1000 Junior Single Stage

Multi-Stage Filtration
  • Can Custom Design for Multiple Water Problems
  • Arsenic Filters
  • Fluoride Filters
  • Sulfur Filters (H2S)
  • Calcite Filters
  • KDF 85 (Iron Up to 2 ppm)
  • FDK/Catalytic Carbon Filters
  • Change Filters Annually
PhSmarte 1000 Junior Multi-Stage Filtration System