1. More Benefits of Alkaline Water

    In a previous blog, we discussed some of the health benefits that alkaline water can provide. These are not the only benefits that alkaline water can offer, however. This type of water can be used in many different ways and offers many different benefits. While drinking this water or making tea and coffee with it can boost your health, you can also use it around the house! At Earth Smarte Water, w…Read More

  2. Choosing EarthSmarte

    Whether you live alone, with roommates, or with your loving family, there‚Äôs no room for toxins, chemicals, or contaminants in your household. With water being a basic life necessity not only for staying hydrated but also bathing, doing laundry, and more, you want to be sure that your water is clean. While many people just assume that their drinking water is pure, the fact of the matter is that t…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Alkaline Water

    Alkaline water is simply water that has been ionized and have a pH level that is higher than water. This is one of the newer trends in the health field because of the benefits that it may offer. Alkaline water generally has a pH level of 8 or 9, while normal tap water has a pH level of 7, which is neutral. Alkaline water is believed to help neutralize the acidity in the body for people with excess…Read More